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Here's some physics for you and the meaning behind the play on our name BLKBRIK.

Why do objects appear to be black?
The colour an object appears depends on the colours of light the object reflects. Black objects appear black because all of the colours in the visible spectrum are absorbed. None of the colours in the visible spectrum are reflected.

We at BLKBRIK want you to absorb everything you need towards building your future. And We'll provide the bricks 🟥🟦🟩🟨 ➡️ ⬛

BLKBRIK - The Home Of Brilliant Tutors
Providing the bricks 🟥🟦🟩🟨

BLKBRIKTUTORS Specialise in KS2-KS5 in core subjects Maths, English & Science.

BLKBRIK Tutors can provide content-focused sessions designed to help students master their understanding of the curriculum content. This is very suitable for students learning a topic either for the first time, students who have knowledge gaps or students who need access to further and strengthen understanding.
BLKBRIK Tutors guide students to reviewing any prior knowledge needed. Topics are broken into smaller, manageable chunks. Focusing on didactic explanations that are concise, dual coded and modelled. As well as assessment of learning whereby each section, can include a check your understanding with a mini-quiz or exam questions.

BLKBRIK Tutors also offer exam-focused sessions meticulously designed to help students refine their understanding and most importantly master application. This is suitable for students already have a good grasp of the content and knowledge.

An assessment and QLA will provide the information needed to check the content the student already knows. These sessions include working through exam questions together and understanding the best tips for exam technique.

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